Facebook & Instagram Automations Bundle


*all automations are make.com blueprints (templates).

Bots included in this bundle:

  • Quote of the Day Bot
  • A.I. Generated Art Bots
  • Facebook Page Engagement Bots
  • Instagram Engagement Bots
  • Social Media Hook Bot
  • A.I. Avatar Video Bot
  • Youtube Distribution Bot
  • Midjourney Bot
  • Instagram Carousel Bot

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10x your presence on Facebook and Instagram. Turn your growth up a few notches leveraging A.I.

*all automations are make.com blueprints (templates).

Bots included in this bundle:

  • Quote of the Day Bot – Post famous quotes on your favorite topics to your IG or FB. Schedule them to post every day, as many times as you like. Each quote will be a different one chosen by A.I.
  • A.I. Generated Art Bots – Use either DALL-E or Stable Diffusion to post A.I. generated art to your Instagram.
  • Facebook Page Engagement Bots – Engage with your favorite influencers and brands by having A.I. automatically comment on their new posts. Or automatically reply to comments left by your fans on your pages and profiles.
  • Instagram Engagement Bots – Reply to comments left on your posts, automatically, and in your voice, so you can foster real engagement with your growing fanbase.
  • Social Media Hook Bot – A.I., trained with 20 viral hook examples, will write a super compelling opener for your social posts.
  • A.I. Avatar Video Bot – A.I. generated talking avatar video that posts a video automatically to IG Reels. The A.I. will talk about your chosen topics, and post videos automatically.
  • Youtube Distribution Bot – When you post Youtube videos to your channel the transcription will automatically trigger A.I. generated summaries and expansions that post to your Facebook page.
  • Midjourney Bot – Use an API to programmatically create an image using Midjourney and use it in any of your scenarios that require imagery (including the art bot).
  • Instagram Carousel Bot – A.I. generated text overlay on image assets let’s you automate creating stunning full 10-image carousels.



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