1-on-1 Consultation


1 hour consult in Western European Time Zone (+5 ahead of EST). We can:

  • walk through, step-by-step how to set up automation templates
  • discuss ideas on what parts of your business could be automated
  • outline and plan a custom automation
  • discuss automation implementation for multiple departments

and more.

**PLEASE NOTE our system uses 3DS payment verification. You will need to have pop-ups turned on, allow pop-ups, or otherwise may need to use a different browser if the pop-up window cannot be shown. Otherwise your payment will fail**

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Dear Automator,

You’re probably sitting there, thinking, “How do I get more done with my small team?” You know there’s a mountain of work and just not enough hands to tackle it. Sounds familiar, right?

Let’s face it: you’re not just running a business; you’re the heart and soul of it. Every minute counts. And that’s exactly where I step in.

Imagine this: Your social media is buzzing with activity, customer queries are handled like clockwork, and your email campaigns are firing on all cylinders. All this, while you focus on what you do best – growing your business.

Welcome to A.I. Plus Automation’s 1-on-1 Consulting.

Here’s the deal: In just one hour, I’ll walk you through automations that transform how you work. We’re talking about cutting-edge, A.I.-powered solutions that are not just smart, but also incredibly easy to implement.

Why is this a turning-point for you?

  • More Time: Reclaim those precious hours and focus on strategic growth.
  • More Money: Less manual work means reduced costs, more profit.
  • Empowered Team: Equip your small team to punch way above their weight.
  • Competitive Edge: Keep up and outdo the big players in your industry.

I know, it sounds almost too good. But here’s the catch – I can only offer a limited number of these power-packed sessions each month.

So, what’s it going to be?

  • Option 1: Grab one of our automation template bundles (a great first step).
  • Option 2: Dive right in with the full 1-on-1 consulting experience. Transform your business, starting today.

The choice is yours, but remember, opportunities don’t wait around.

Looking forward to seeing you on the other side, where your business thrives like never before.



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