Business is….HARD.

I’ve seen a few entrepreneurs use that exact phrasing, and I am definitely not disagreeing. It is hard. For many reasons. Chief among those reasons is competition. Especially competition that has;

1) more money

2) more staff

3) overall more resources

If you are literally trying to get in front of the same people, going head to head with a well-funded competitor can seem brutal. But I believe technology can level the playing field. In fact, I believe that so much I think the entire purpose of technology is to do just that. And A.I. is the perfect use case.

Hi, I’m Anthony

In my most recent past life I dedicated my career and passion to helping Amazon sellers grow their e-commerce businesses. My particular specialty was ranking your product listing higher in Amazon search results (which, if you weren’t aware, is the source of 70% or more of all the sales that happen on the platform).

I’ve had the amazing pleasure of speaking from stages around the world on how to work with Amazon’s A9 algorithm to get more visibility, traffic, and sales to an Amazon listing.

But, if I’m being completely transparent…I simply couldn’t hack it as an Amazon seller. Yes, I could rank my products to page one for major keywords, just about every time. BUT…it turns out there is more to running a successful physical-product business. Turns out you also need to develop and sell products people want. AND manage your cash-flow well.

With no prior experience in business, I learned these lessons the hard way, and my brand tanked.

Despite Failure, Everything I’d Been Doing Prepared Me For This

Let’s take a short trip down memory lane.

Back when I was helping Amazon sellers rank their products, one of the methods I employed was building chatbots for Facebook Messenger that I would run ads to and automate the entire process of facilitating sales, rebates, reviews, and more. And I got very good at it. I automated every step. Ads went live and my bots walked prospects through a funnel, qualified them, got them to purchase, issued rebates automatically, collected review proof screenshots, validated purchases….everything.

I had cultivated the ability to:

  • Automate business processes
  • Replicate human interaction
  • Guide potential customers through a conversational funnel

That was a pretty powerful skill set. If only there was a way to scale that inexpensively and efficiently…🤔

Enter Generative A.I.

After a few years of devoting my attention almost exclusively to the study of behavioral economics (a story for another time), OpenAI started making useful A.I. products that were available to the general public.

Basically, I started being able to inject A.I. into my automation flows.


So I did what any nerd would do. I posted about it online.

And out of nowhere my Instagram started to blow up. I was getting thousands of new followers a week and my DMs were flooded with people wanting to build the things I was building too.

And before A.I. Plus Automation was even thought up, I realized I needed to start sharing/selling my Make.com blueprints; templates made from the automations I was building.

Which is probably why you landed on this page.

So What Solutions Do You Offer? And Who Are They For?

Excellent questions.

For the DIY automations, these are templates that you would upload yourself and run on your own Make (and other tools) account.

These do everything from automatically create content, to automatically summarize content, to automatically distribute content, as well as… engage on social media, interact with customers, reach out to cold prospects, and so much more.

Since they are DIY (even though uploading the blueprint is easy and each step has well-laid out instructions) there is a bit of a learning curve, but even for those not super technologically savvy, it’s a great tool to expand reach and effort. That’s why it’s a perfect tool for small businesses and agencies.

With templates like these you can exponentially increase the output of your small team.

I also offer 1-on-1 consultation if some more context or ideation is needed.

And new opportunities will be available soon, such as a community where in-depth how-to’s, updates, Q&A’s, and new bots will be available to subscribers.

As well as full DFY services.

Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to learn about me and A.I. Plus Automation. I hope the resources we offer can help you grow!

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