Twitter Automations Bundle


*all automations are blueprints (templates).

Bots included in this bundle:

  • Twitter Engagement Bots
  • Twitter Topic Poster Bots
  • Twitter Thread Bot
  • RSS Feed Tweet Bot
  • Social Media Hook Bot
  • A.I. Avatar Video Bot
  • Youtube Distribution Bot
  • Midjourney Bot

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Growth on Twitter doesn’t have to feel impossible anymore.

*all automations are blueprints (templates).

Bots included in this bundle:

  • Twitter Engagement Bots – Engage with your favorite content creators, or anyone that uses certain hashtags/keywords, automatically. A.I. creates thoughtful comments for Tweets on a schedule for the creators you choose.
  • Twitter Topic Poster Bots – Choose your favorite topics to post about, and either let the bot choose at random or you can trigger the bot with a form, and tweet to your account. A.I. writes a tweet based on your inputs, as often per day as you want.
  • Twitter Thread Bot – First, the A.I. writes a killer hook based on your topic inputs. Then it crafts a thread, anywhere between five and fifteen tweets long! The first tweet in the thread also has an A.I. generated image.
  • RSS Feed Tweet Bot – Feed news and updates from an RSS feed into GPT. This bot lets you hook your favorite news source to A.I., then has it summarize and/or comment on the news in a tweet. This way, you can be on top of posting about the latest news every day.
  • Social Media Hook Bot – A.I., trained with 20 viral hook examples, will write a super compelling opener for your Twitter posts.
  • A.I. Avatar Video Bot – A.I. generated talking avatar video that posts a video automatically to your Twitter feed. The A.I. will talk about your chosen topics, and post videos automatically.
  • Youtube Distribution Bot – Post Youtube videos to your channel and the transcription will automatically trigger A.I. generated summaries and expansions that post as a Twitter thread.
  • Midjourney Bot – Use an API to programmatically create an image using Midjourney and use it in any of your scenarios that require imagery.


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