Content & Blog Automations Bundle


*all automations are blueprints (templates).

Bots included in this bundle:

  • Content Calendar Scheduler Bot
  • Blog Content Distribution Bot
  • SEO Blog Bots
  • Auto-Blogger Bots
  • Web Page Builder Bot
  • Midjourney Bot
  • Youtube Blog Bot

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Level up your blog game and take your content to the next level.

*all automations are blueprints (templates).

Bots included in this bundle:

  • Content Calendar Scheduler Bot – Using a Notion database, this bot will take topic ideas you feed it and mix it with content types and media outputs and populate your content calendar for you for as many days in the future as you want. Basically, it’s A.I. powered content ideas…on a calendar (perfect for avid content creators)!
  • Blog Content Distribution Bot – Write one blog post (or have A.I. write it) and then A.I. will summarize it, write a LinkedIn post about it and post it, write a tweet about it and post it, repost to Medium with a new title,  write a newsletter about it, write a Facebook post about it and post it, and more. Automatically distribute all your pillar blog content across all platforms.
  • SEO Blog Bots – Using Google Keyword Planner, these bot has A.I. write entire blog posts based on top searched keywords from a single keyword seed or competitor website. Then the bot posts the article automatically to your website. It also uses Related Questions so that your articles are answering the questions people are actually searching for.
  • Auto-Blogger Bots – These bots write entire blog articles, generated by A.I. and based on topics you feed it. Then it publishes the blog to your website automatically, on a schedule you choose.
  • Web Page Builder Bot – This bot creates the copy for entire web pages for you. Simply input a seed keyword and the purpose for the page and let A.I. and automation take care of the rest.
  • Midjourney Bot – Use an API to programmatically create an image using Midjourney and use it in any of your scenarios that require imagery.
  • Youtube Blog Bot – This bot grabs the transcript from your latest Youtube video or Short and turns it into a full blog post.


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