Personality Vector

personality vector

The Personality Vector
(Digitally Clone your Tone, Voice, and Writing Style)

One of the biggest challenges when using AI to generate social media content on our behalf is that it doesn’t sound like us… Heck, IT DOESN’T SOUND HUMAN. That was before the Personality Vector though. By giving A.I. a “brain” that thinks a bit like you (or your brand), social posts can now not only sound human but embody your brand’s voice, consistently.

Won’t this just create bots talking to bots?

There are plenty of people who oppose publishing A.I. generated content. Many of them claim that social media is destined to just be filled with “bots talking to other bots” if we continue down this path.

Let us be clear. This is NOT that.

The Personality Vector is built with painstaking measures to ensure the A.I. has plenty of real human input. It is provided with context for personality and writing style, expert knowledge and more, all so that the content it generates is genuinely produced and authentically you.

And with a Personality Vector, you can leverage A.I. more often while feeling confident that it is representing you in the best possible way.

Save time, effort, and creative energy and let A.I. post thoughtful content from your perspective using the Personality Vector!

Price: €1.000

Each Personality Vector is unique to the brand owner/business. So, before committing we need to discuss the details of your specific situation. Please fill out this form and then schedule a call.

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